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Insightful Perspectives on Artsakh: The Weekly Podcast

The Artsakh Podcast is an engaging and informative English-language podcast centered around the Republic of Artsakh. Hosted by Gev Iskajyan and Hagop Ipdjian, who have both made significant life transitions to be part of the Artsakh community, the podcast provides a unique perspective on the region’s weekly events, political developments, and challenges in the midst of a blockade.

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Ruben Vardanyan is a notable public figure celebrated for his role as the co-founder of the “We Are Our Mountains” regional development agency and his past position as the State Minister of the Republic of Artsakh. Widely recognized as the visionary behind the Russian stock market, he garnered further attention in 2021 when he acquired Armenian citizenship and subsequently relinquished his Russian citizenship. In 2022, he made a significant move to Artsakh. Mr. Vardanyan is renowned not only for his contributions to finance but also as a social entrepreneur and venture philanthropist, co-founding the esteemed Aurora Humanitarian Initiative.

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